Campus Improvement Team

Welcome to Milam Elementary Campus Improvement Team Webpage.

Our Team Members:

A. Llanos                N. Mendez               R. Alarcon

M. Aboud                A. Campana            M. Castor

M. Elias                   A. Ethredge            M. Hernandez

N. Costa                 T. Hawk                  V. Creighton

J. Schmidt               M. Ridenoure           K. Maloney

     Date of upcoming CIT planning:

·         12Feb14

·         26Mar14

·         30Apr14

·         28May14

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Minutes and Agenda:                                                                                            12Feb14

  • Update:
  • Chromebooks- there are in the process of being imaged
  • there were 20 computers that have been ordered and purchase orders have been approved-waiting on the vendors
  • in the meeting the 2014-2015 tentative budget was discussed
  • 7 new desktop computers will be added to the new sections
  • 3 computers and a few storage units will be added to the office/admin
  • Istations are still pending
  • R. Alarcon asked for floor mats, those are being priced and will be revisted
  • Meeting adjourned 4:00PM


  Minutes and Agenda:

Agenda                                                                                                                      15Jan14

Revisit SBI part of the Milam Implementation Map

Discuss the Revised Computer Lab Schedule

Discuss the SMART goals of Milam’s Data informed plan

Distribution of the computers on order


·         Information of the SBI implementation map was discussed. Went through each SB, total of 8, and discussed the placement of where we are for each activity.

·         Computer lab schedule was visited and minor changes were made. Each grade level still has the option of changing their times within their level group.

·         Distributions of 14 chrome books that are on order, 8 laptops and 12 desktops.

·         Laptops will be checked out by 3rd grade sections from TLI leader.

·         Chrome books will issued to 4th grade level also to be checked out through the TLI leader.

·         3 desktops will be issued to kinder teacher with an additional 5 to kinder, 1st grade teacher to receive 2 desktops.

Meeting Concluded.




·         M. Olivas presented the DIP goals for TLI.

·         Discussed I-stations and the possibility of purchasing; only obstacle is that we are not Title I.

·         Will look at the purchase of chrome books, laptops and computers as priority if any money comes in from funding.

·         Discussed combining TLI meetings with CIP meetings since the CCRP, PGP interventions will be discussed in all CIT meetings.

·         PLC on the 19th to make sure teachers evaluate and create their interventions for the second nine weeks, time will be given to teachers to input and we will continue training.

·         I-pad distributions will be collected and then they will be dispersed to each grade level, and at that time the grade levels will create a system to disperse among themselves.

·         The CBLT members will be assigned grade level I-pads.

Meeting Concluded.




·         Went over personnel that were elected to CIT, including parents, hourly staff, and business members.

·         Went over each activity and personnel responsibility.

·         Looking for 100% participation of PTA, faculty needs to support PTA activities

·         Counselor activities include Anti-bullying, at-risk, college readiness

·         School activities to include monthly PLC’s, turn in lesson plans, STAAR materials, continue I-stations and hopefully purchase more I-stations for Pre-k-2nd

·         Parent compacts will go out at parent conferences, discussed requirements for becoming a Title-I school

·         Discussed courses and training that teachers need to attend for GT as well as Bilingual trainings.


Meeting Concluded