Armando Llanos, Principal


Meet the Principal of Milam Elementary School      

Mr. Llanos          


  My name is Armando Llanos and it is my pleasure to serve you and our students here at Milam Elementary School!  I have been principal of Milam Elementary School since August of 2013.  Prior to this, I was the assistant principal here at Milam for one year. 

I am honored and proud to work with our East Bliss Military community and the wonderfully gifted students here at Milam.  I am profoundly grateful and excited to work alongside a highly dedicated, caring and committed faculty and staff.  I truly believe in an open door policy, if there is anything that I can do for you please do not hesitate to call or come and visit.  How the community feels about their school is important to all the faculty and especially to me.  I have made it one of my goals to positively increase, with your help, the school climate at Milam Elementary.

I am proud to say that I have been brought up in the military community.  My father is a retired veteran of twenty two years and served in the military on all continents.  I lived and understand the complexities of uprooting the family due to the “permanent change of station” in the military and know what our students go through when this occurs.

My career after college started in the business world but after ten years of working behind a desk as manager and supervisor my passions turned to the educational need of our youth.  This in very large part was due to raising and teaching my own children.  Since that time I have been with the El Paso Independent School District for twenty two years.  I have worked in the capacity of Elementary teacher of fifth grade students and assistant principal working with teachers and students in Northeast, central and west side schools in El Paso. 

My mission is to promote a safe and positive learning environment for our students while promoting a culture of unity, collaboration and trust within our community.